Kalon Basic Changing Trunk – DBK-014-B

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Kalon Basic Changing Trunk – DBK-014-B

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The Kalon Basic Changing Trunk is a contemporary and simple piece of furniture that can be used in many different way.  This designer changing table is very versatile and cn be used a changing table, toy chest, reading, bench.  This piece was especially designed with the idea that a changing table could have more than one use.

This Toy Chest/Changing Trunk was created to fit atop any available surface or as a low-lying storage bench/trunk for children.The Kalon Basic Changing Trunk comes fully assembled and is a perfect accompaniment to the Kalon Echo Dresser and can fit perfectly on the top.

However the Basic Changing Toy Chest  is equally as beautiful on its own and has ample storage space for all your childrens toys or could be you to store your changing essentials.


– Colour Beige
– Material Wood
– Wood Type Maple
– Number of Drawers 1
– Gender Unisex
– Specifications 88 x 33 x 45cm
– Width 88 cm
– Height 45 cm
– Length 33 cm


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